California Native Plants

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

5 Native Plants for Pasadena Landscapes

If you want a garden that can thrive in the new Pasadena water restrictions, you need to consider upgrading to a tolerant landscape. KB5 Landscape Design incorporates climate-specific and California-native plants that are adapted to low-water and high-heat conditions. We will guide you in selecting a variety of water-wise plants that vary in shape, color, size to create a cohesive landscape masterpiece.

As a professional landscaping company, our concern is about more than just replacing your lawn…we want the landscape to match the style of your home and help create a beautiful drought tolerant garden you can truly enjoy and be proud of!

Big Sur Manzanita

As a low-maintenance, low-growing evergreen shrub, the Big Sur Manzanita provides excellent color and ground cover in a drought proof garden. The Manzanita attracts hummingbirds to its bundles of bell-shaped flowers that appear in late winter and spring. Other birds enjoy its fruit during the summer. It grows in a wide range of soils and requires very little water once established.

Apricot Mallow

The Apricot Mallow (aka Globemallow) is Perennial shrub native to parts of California. And like most California residents, this plant doesn’t like being wet or cold…and so Glendale is the perfect growing environment. Gentle sage color stems support vibrant orange flowers, providing a drought tolerant landscape with a splash of color.

purple and pink dessert willow flowers in bloom

Desert Willow

With its showy, dark pink or purple streaked flowers and lacy foliage, the Desert Willow is an ornamental tree for small spaces in a drought tolerant landscape. Its fragrant trumpet-like flowers, which bloom May and June, are loved by hummingbirds. Though not a true willow tree, the Desert Willow takes its name from its slender willow-like leaves.

drought tolerant blue sage plant in bloom

Cleveland Sage

This fast-growing plant is native to the coast of southern California. Cleveland Sage (also known as Blue Sage or Fragrant Sage) loves hot dry coastal areas, is considered very drought tolerant, and its lavender blooms have a lovely fragrance on hot summer days. Hummingbirds are very attracted to its plentiful rounded flower clusters. During the summer, it’s recommended to water this plant no more than once-a-month, making it an excellent and colorful addition to a drought tolerant garden landscape.

bright red california fuchsia native plant in bloom

California Fuchsia

The California Fuchsia is beautiful species of willowherb native to the California foothills. This drought tolerant plant loves full sunlight, and blooms at the height or summer, revealing a host of bright red flowers. It is also known as the “Hummingbird Trumpet”, as hummingbirds are greatly attracted by its long, slender flowers.

The Right Plants for YOUR Yard

Plants are finicky. They need the right amount of water, sunlight, and soil conditions in order to thrive in Pasadena’s climate. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed in your plant selection and placement, you are welcome to contact a professional and experienced landscape designer at KB5. We’d love to schedule a free consultation to discuss the possibilities for a new drought tolerant landscape!