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For nearly 20 years, KB5 Landscape Design has been creating drought tolerant landscapes that conform to Southern California rebate requirements. We’re familiar with the application and approval process, and we’re ready to help you use the turf replacement rebates to transform your yard into your own personal, drought-proof dream landscape!

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Studio City

Modern Drought Tolerant Landscape

An unused lawn becomes a personalized paradise. With creative plant structures, oversized boulders, and a stream of colorful stone we created a backyard that truly catered to their taste and personality. Because this property borders a protected wildlife habitat, we blurred the lines between nature and home. This highly drought-tolerant and Southwestern themed planting reduced watering from three days a week to once a month!

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beautiful upgraded backyward after drought tolerant turf replacement
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Santa Monica

Drought Proof Paradise

From a pile of dirt to a favorite escape! When our clients were ready to replace their grass, they wanted to create a dream oasis. KB5 designed multiple spaces to relax in a drought proof garden filled with an abundance of butterflies and hummingbirds drawn to the native plant life. The calming atmosphere of the intimate pergola is enhanced by the gentle sounds of a personal waterfall and stream. Dining is enjoyed al fresco on the bluestone patio accented with ribbons of flowering groundcover. And there is no better way to relax than a garden hammock!

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West Los Angeles

Turf Removal Rebate Project

What was once weeds, tired grass, and construction debris…became a client’s personal resort for staycations at home. The elegance of bluestone enhanced with the purple tips of acacia trees, lush flowering gardens and a mini citrus grove created this West L.A. homeowner’s dream-come-true. Beautiful redwood fencing provided a stunning canvas for the abundant plantings. A salad and herb garden completed the experience for these stay-at-home cooks.

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Keller Williams, Encino, California​

Water Conscious Corporate Landscape

Proactive business & commercial property owners also have the opportunity to benefit from the Southern California rebate programs. As with this project for Keller Williams, KB5 converts high-water-use and maintenance intensive landscapes into smartly designed, water-wise spaces.

Not only does upgrading to a responsible, eco-friendly landscape save money through utility bills and maintenance fees, but it also creates a friendly environment that is welcoming to customers and tenants.  With the ever more restrictive watering guidelines and new rebate programs, now is the time to make the change to a climate appropriate landscape.

Ready to Upgrade YOUR Yard?!

With the threat of drought and the incentive of Turf Removal Rebates, NOW is the perfect time to upgrade your yard to a modern, California-friendly landscape. With nearly two-decades of experience, KB5 is the perfect choice to help you navigate the rebate programs available to Pasadena residents. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.